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Inspiring youth to discover their power and reach their goals.

Charting Careers offers educational, mentoring, and group programming to address individual and peer needs, family partnership programming to address risks and assets within the family, and partners with schools and the Office of Equity to provide College and Career Readiness.


Charting Careers provides meaningful educational and life-enriching opportunities to scholars from 2nd grade through elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. Opportunities are differentiated by grade level band (ex: elementary vs. middle school) in order to meet developmental needs.

Family Partnership

Charting Careers provides Family Partnership and support to all families in our programs, including family events, goal setting, resource linkages, accessing mental health services, and more. As needed, more in-depth family support and case management is provided by our Family Partnership Team. Staff conduct ongoing check-ins with families to assess and address unmet needs, share information, and help remove barriers.

Charting Careers, Inc earned a four-star rating on Charity Navigator and a Platinum Transparency 2023 rating by Candid.

Charting Careers, Inc