Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, Inc.

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What We Do

We work to achieve meaningful, measurable, and systemic improvement in schools and student achievement. Our focus is on high standards, rigorous assessments, and strong accountability.

We identify the most compelling educational issues that need to be addressed and target our involvement where we can be most effective. Our objectives are ambitious, but we are convinced that their achievement will result in a brighter future for Maryland — its business, its citizens, and its children. More than 3,000 volunteers work with MBRT in an effort to ensure that Maryland students are well-prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

We support and work to improve key elements of school reform through leadership changes in the legislature, the executive office, and the State Board of Education. Over the years, our successes have been evident in improved standards, assessments, and graduation requirements. Additionally, we are leading the creation of Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network called STEMnet. It provides educators in Maryland with universal access to STEM information, resources, and opportunities by establishing a virtual environment in which communities of practice emerge to promote new and innovative programs and share critical information.

Maryland Business Roundtable for Education, Inc.